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Get Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Get Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

This gives us the power to present your vehicle to our network of partners and buyers such as Kelly Blue Book ,True Car, Carmax, and our huge network of local and out of State Franchise Dealers to get you the highest Trade-in Value for your vehicle. We will get you multiple bids from all of our partners on your vehicle with only one inspection. Save time, do only one inspection and get multiple bids on your vehicle and finish all the DMV paperwork here at our Beautiful showroom in Hayward, CA. 
Many forget what is the value of a safe transaction. Cases of fraud are on the rise nationwide! DMV is warning consumers of this. Selling a vehicle on the street comes with very high risk factors; Scammers purchase vehicles on the street, never take them out of your name, lower the miles, and do so many other funny business to the vehicle and resell it on Craigslist or the street with your name attached to it. 
You don’t have to be an advertising guru. If you sell online, you’re often trying to figure out ways to pique people’s interest in a saturated marketplace. But at S&R Motors, we’ll buy your car from you in any condition with no aggravation. Some Craigslist sellers are seen as masters of manipulation and aren’t trusted by the public. For example, it’s not uncommon for used car ads to include shady grainy images that mislead the buyer or use buzzwords that misrepresent the vehicle.
You don’t need a degree in auto mechanics or be a professional car salesperson. At S&R Motors, it’s okay if you’re not familiar with the car-selling process or how to describe every detail of the state of your car. Our experienced reps can offer an immediate quote online and do a quick appraisal in-person to ensure a fair price, so there’s no back and forth haggling between strangers.
You don’t have to play “private investigator” or “debt collector”. S&R Motors has had a solid reputation in the Bay Area for over a decade. You can feel confident walking through our doors, as opposed to trying to figure out the character, trustworthiness, or level of engagement of a potential buyer online. If you want the guarantee that all vehicle documents and payment are exchanged in a legitimate way, S&R Motors is the way to go.
You don’t have to be an attorney and know the ins and outs of the law. There are countless stories of Craigslist victims who either accept that they were scammed and move on a bit wiser, and those that attempt to sue, which is never a guaranteed success and always costly. Every state has its own definition of concealment and fraud, as well as statutes of limitations, so when a vehicle is bought and sold on trust alone, a slew of complications can arise.
Your personal safety will NEVER be in jeopardy. We’ve all heard Craigslist horror stories because the reality is that you never know who you’re meeting with to complete a transaction. Craigslist and other online mediums can never guarantee a person’s safety or provide safeguards if the sale goes awry or if negotiations turn tense. At S&R Motors, this will never be a concern. We have one of the most Beautiful Showrooms in the Bay area, a very comfortable Customer Lounge, provide our customers Drinks and Snacks for free, have multiple big Screen TVs, and always have great music on. 

– Simply fill out the form below, and you will be contacted by our client coordinator to set up an appointment to bring in your vehicle for inspection.
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No trips to the DMV are needed, let us do all the leg work for you, you don’t even have to smog your car! Your car doesn’t pass smog?

No worries!

We will pay you Cash for it! You don’t have to buy a car from us to be able to sell us your car!

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