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Auto Broker Services

Why S&R Motors Broker Services

We offer New/Used Auto Broker Service to our customers. Not every independent dealer offers this service.

Our highly experienced management team comes with over 15 years of experience working in Franchise Dealerships. We have ran high volume franchise dealerships and have trained Sales, Internet managers, Used car managers, Sales managers, F&I managers, Special finance managers as well as General Sales managers.

By using our Extended Network of friends in Franchise Dealerships as well as our years of experience running Franchise dealerships, we will be able to negotiate the best deals for our customers;

We guarantee savings for our customers.

We know ins and outs of franchise dealerships gross games; and believe us when we tell you, you don’t want to go to battle on your own, let us do all the negotiations for you and secure an excellent deal without you ever sitting at a negotiation’s table of a Franchise dealership.

This part is a Must read for anybody that wants to buy a vehicle through a Franchise dealership:

Here is what happens when you step your foot at a franchise dealership; 10 salespeople arm wrestles each other to get to you, and as soon as they get to you, all they are thinking about is selling you a car. Franchise dealership’s lack of training these days for their own staff is sad; All the Franchise owners are thinking about is cutting costs; this causes a lot of extra headaches for you as a consumer, most salespeople these days don’t know much about their own franchise products yet alone the competition; Enough wasting your time talking to one after another salesmen who do not care about your needs or even if they care, they cannot address your needs. The definition of customer service is lost at Franchise dealerships. You will do your best to read as many reviews as possible before you go there, however the turn of the wheel plays a major role of how we will feel at the end of the day. I’m sure everyone would love to have the owner of the franchise dealership come out and help them, but that just won’t happen; try getting through upper management and see how many phone calls you have to make!

Well, enough about stepping our foot at a dealership; we could talk for days on that subject!

Yes!! Some of you may start your shopping through the “Internet Department” of a dealership or an online car website. Well, let me save you the trouble and tell you what happens when you choose to do one of the above.

Customers usually won’t just go through one Internet Department and in most cases they go through 3-5 Internet Departments. Now that’s only for one franchise, what if you are undecided let’s say between a Toyota and a Honda. Take that number and multiply it by two. And of course, customers don’t stop there, they will go through a few third party car sites as well, which will take your information and sell it to all their affiliated dealers in that region. By now, you will need a calculator to see how many Internet managers have your information!

A lot of people don’t even think about these before they click submit information!

Now that you have released your Cell phone, Email address and address to this many salespeople, get ready for the 100s of phone calls, texts messages, and emails you will be receiving for years to come. You’re wondering why? Let me tell you what happens at a dealership level when an Internet manager receives your information.

Your submitted information will automatically get entered into an ILM tool (Internet Lead Management Tool) of the dealership. Each dealership has many Auto Response Templates ready to be sent out the moment they receive your lead, and they will continue to do so for years to come.

Once you are in an ILM, you can never escape it!

There are Automated Emails set to go for years ahead. The frequencies of these Auto Responses going out to a customer change by time; the first 3 months is crucial to a Franchise Dealership and they choose to send you a few Auto emails and texts every other day during that period of time. Now that was for the automated systems, let’s not forget about our Internet managers who will try to reach you through Email, Texts, and phone calls day and night. Let’s be kind and not blame the Internet managers, they are only doing their job; after all, you were the one who sent him/her your information!

Here is the sad part! All these emails and phone calls won’t guarantee a price for you. Notice, I’ve mentioned “Price” and not “Best Price”.
An Internet manager sole job is to make an appointment and have you come in and sit down at the “Negotiation’s Table” of the dealership, and once you’re in, they go back to the same old school way of doing business. I know it’s sad, but it’s the truth.

Yes, you might be great at negotiations at your work place, and you might try to use your skills to corner one after another Internet manager to give up their best deals to you! Here is the response that most of them will give you, “let me know what is the best price that you have and I will beat it for you by $$ (usually $100-$200)!

I’m sure after going through all this painful process and not getting any significant results; you will need to visit your therapist or sign up for anger management classes!

Let me tell you what happens when you let us do the leg work for you:

This is how it works – 3 SIMPLE STEPS

You need to go and drive the new car, truck or SUV that you are considering to purchase or lease. Take your time driving it to make sure it is what you want. I know you probably don’t like going to the Franchise dealership, but going to the dealership when you know you’re just there to test drive the car, and that’s it, won’t be stressful, just make sure not release your personal contact information to salespeople!

Visit the manufacture websites to view all the different trims, options and features. You don’t have to submit your personal information to get this information. This is a safe way for you to do your research. This will give you enough information to know which options come “standard” and which options cost more to have. Set your priorities! Don’t push yourself over your budget if you don’t have to. You need to tell us exactly what you are looking for down to the last detail.

We start looking for the vehicle that you need, and once we have located it; we start working on getting you the best deal possible. We bypass the salespeople and go directly to our upper management contacts at Franchise dealership. We talk their language and we have been in their shoes before, so they won’t attempt to withhold information from us, they will tell us what’s the invoice, hold back, and dealer cash on any vehicle of your choosing, and we will negotiate a great deal for you from there. Combine the discounts that we get for you with manufacturer rebates, and you will end up having a great deal on your new car.

We will have the Franchise dealership deliver the car as well as their paperwork to us, and we deliver the car to you at our convenient location and friendly atmosphere office ourselves. You tell us when you want to pick up your car, and your car will be ready for you, all washed with full tank of gas, with books and keys ready to go.

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