3 Simple Steps

This is how it works

spedometerStep 1: Knowing what you want

You need to go and drive the new car, truck or SUV that you are considering to purchase or lease. Take your time driving it to make sure it is what you want. (I know you probably don't like going to the Franchise dealership, but going to the dealership when you know you're just there to test drive the car, and that's it, won't be stressful, just make sure not release your personal contact information to salespeople!

Visit the manufacture websites to view all the different trims, options and features. You don't have to submit your personal information to get this information. This is a safe way for you to do your research. This will give you enough information to know which options come "standard" and which options cost more to have. Set your priorities! Don't push yourself over your budget if you don't have to. You need to tell us exactly what you are looking for down to the last detail.

Step 2: Locating your car

We start looking for the vehicle that you need, and once we have located it; we start working on getting you the best deal possible. We bypass the salespeople and go directly to our upper management contacts at Franchise dealership. We talk their language and we have been in their shoes before, so they won't attempt to withhold information from us, they will tell us what's the invoice, hold back, and dealer cash on any vehicle of your choosing, and we will negotiate a great deal for you from there. Combine the discounts that we get for you with manufacturer rebates, and you will end up having a great deal on your new car.

Step 3: Delivering your car

We will have the Franchise dealership deliver the car as well as their paperwork to us, and we deliver the car to you at our convenient location and friendly atmosphere office ourselves. You tell us when you want to pick up your car, and your car will be ready for you, all washed with full tank of gas, with books and keys ready to go.


Our Broker Service Retainer:

Step 1 Service

Finding the best pre-negotiated deal – $50 advance retainer (payable via Visa or MasterCard only) per year-make-model number. Our retainer includes reusing this step 1 process for up to 180 days without an additional charge as long as we are re-pricing the exact same year-make-model number.

Most people want to buy or lease when the pricing and timing is right, whether that situation is right now, a few weeks from now or even longer. As a result of our analysis of market conditions for your particular request, we may suggest you buy now or delay a purchase or lease by a few days or weeks as our research may indicate that more favorable pricing is just around the corner. Our retainer allows you that flexibility of waiting and proceeding at your own pace without paying additional charges.

Upon your advance request and only in advance of your actual purchase or lease of a new vehicle, we will also negotiate to get you additional discounts for other dealer installed products or services that may be of interest to you such as a maintenance agreement or factory extended warranty. When financing is involved in your transaction, our pricing is based on the assumption you qualify for the best rates and terms. All financing is subject to prior credit approval. Not everyone will qualify.

Step 2 Service

Pre-arranging the sale or lease with a participating new car dealership. This is a multi-stage process where we follow strict policies and procedures in the preparation, gathering and dissemination of your personal and confidential information only to the appropriate entities involved in your particular transaction. Through the participating new dealership, if financing is involved, we get your loan pre-approved in advance of your arrival. If it is to your benefit, you may choose to trade-in your current vehicle or sell it to other alternative sources we may bring to your attention. Once the process has been completed and you have happily taken delivery of your new vehicle; depending on the kind of vehicle, we may charge a broker fee from our customers ranging anywhere from no charge to $295 for our step 2 service. If we are going to charge you a broker fee, we will let you know in advance of using the step 2 service.

*"All new cars arranged for sale are subject to price and availability from the selling franchised new car dealer"

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about-circle-imgAmong the many things S&R Motors in Hayward, CA has going for it is our dud-free used car collection, featuring such reputable brands such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and more. Here at S&R Motors in Hayward, our used car buyers, with years of experience, try to keep fresh inventory at all time, we look for the best vehicles available to purchase, and we pay top dollars to get them. We try to buy the best lines of each manufacture for you, and keep a different variety of vehicles for you to choose from.